Sunday, October 30, 2011

I’m a hit

Today was our band concert. We all dressed up in costumes and I was a big hit.  I wore my clarinet costume from last year and everyone that saw it told me how amazing and creative it was. When I came on stage, people in the audience made comments – especially when I turned to go to my chair and they saw the back of it with the reed on my mouthpiece “hat.”  At intermission I went into the audience and a random person wanted to take my picture.  Again, lots of people loved the costume.  The concert overall went pretty well for me in spite of my favorite reed splitting right before we started. 

This morning I slept in and then spent some time getting my costume ready.  I still had it from year before last, but had to add a missing “key” and clean it up some.  I also had to glue the mouthpiece hat together in some places. 

After the concert I had to drive across town to drop my rent payment off.  On my way back I passed a Sonic and wished I had turned in to get something to drink.  I stopped at the one closest to my house and got a large cherry limeade which makes me think about my friend Andrew.  It was just what I needed.  I stopped to check my mail – nothing but bills I had already paid.  I made some shrimp and pasta for dinner and now I’m sitting on my couch watching t.v.  My house is getting in bad shape.  I should be cleaning right now, but I just don’t feel like it.  I think I’m going to at least do a load of laundry so I have something to wear tomorrow.  Then again, I might not. 

Here’s a picture of the costume.  It’s missing the “belt” divider, but I guess it works. 


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Christina said...

awesome costume!! bravo!!