Saturday, October 15, 2011

Out and about

I enjoyed sleeping in this morning.  I got up around 10 and took a shower and got ready to go out.  I headed out around 11:15 to a shopping area that has lots of restaurants and a movie theater.  I at lunch at a Greek restaurant and the food was really good.  Then I headed over to the theater and watched “The Help.”  It was a good movie as well.  I really enjoyed getting out and going to the movies – even if I did it alone.  I was surprised that the small theater was as full as it was.  I know the movie has been showing a while, but there was a pretty good sized crowd there.  Mostly older people, but a variety.  After the movie, I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and looked around.  I bought a towel rack for the kitchen and a small coffee sample back of a lighter roast coffee to see if it helps in my quest to become a coffee drinker.  I haven’t tried since last weekend so I plan have a cup in the morning.  From there I headed up north and went shopping at Kohl’s.  I tried on several things and couldn’t really find anything that I loved.  I almost bought a pair of pants, but I talked myself out of it when I found shoes on sale instead.  I bought two pair of shoes (though I really don’t “need” more shoes).  After that I headed over to another part of town and picked up a steak burrito from Chipotle for supper.  I got it to go and came home to eat it.  It was a little cold when I got here, but it was still good.  Now I’m a little bored.  There’s not much on t.v. and I don’t have anything I want to do online either.  I guess I could start a book.  Or I could just go to bed early.  I’m enjoying my second beer right now, so I may fall asleep pretty soon. 

Tomorrow’s plan is to go to the store, clean house, practice my clarinet, and probably watch some t.v.  No promise that I’ll get any of this done, but we’ll see.  Oh, I have to mow the yard yet again.  Ugh. 

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Leann said...

I love going to the movies as well. Don't really like going alone, but I'd never do anything if I let that stop me!

It sounds like you had a busy and productive weekend. I hope the week to come is just as promising :-)

Blessed be