Thursday, October 20, 2011


Sometimes I feel out of touch with things going on in the world.  I find out about the death of major people only when someone mentions it on facebook.  I was on CNN tonight checking up on events and read that there was supposedly an earthquake 50 miles south-southeast of San Antonio around 7:20 this morning.  They said that people in SA felt it.  I certainly didn’t.  I was probably in my bathroom putting on makeup or doing my hair at that point and I didn’t feel anything.  I’m kind of disappointed. 

In other news, the email conversations with the librarian guy here seems to be going well.  This is kind of surprising to me.  I know I can be a negative Nelly, but the way it usually works (if I contact the guy first), they respond out of kindness and then it fizzles within about two emails.  This guy, however, writes rather lengthy emails with anecdotal stories and has so far responded just about daily.  And in the last email he gave me his number and said that I could call if I wanted.  I’m probably going to be too shy to call at this point, but I gave him my number in the last email so maybe he’ll call me. 

I talked to my sister and dad last night and they are going to go to Vegas during Thanksgiving with Josh and I.  It will be great to have family there. 

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It sounds nice to have a few contacts among which a conversational librarian! We have small earthquakes sometimes due to the pumping of gas from the gas fields (2-3 richter). Its a very strange experience, a kind of roaring noise, unpleasant! You must be looking forward to going to Vegas! Good to hear that family's coming.