Monday, October 03, 2011

Being Flexible

So I got an email Sunday night from one of the English teachers stating that she needed to reschedule her orientation for another time because her students were still finishing a writing assignment.  I was ok with that especially since I didn’t want to stay up late getting ready.  So I get to school and diligently work on finishing my presentation and plan a scavenger hunt of sorts.  Then I get a call from the secretary asking who is scheduled for the library tomorrow.  I told her that I had scheduled an English class for orientation.  She asks which teacher and I tell her.  Then the teacher comes down and tells me that the principal needs the library tomorrow and she has to reschedule. So I have to adjust for that.  What gets me is that the principal has known for weeks that these people that are going to use the library were coming.  The last minute attitude of this district is driving me crazy.  I’m a planner.  I can be flexible – often because I have to – but I prefer to plan things out and have some structure.  So now I’ve had to shift yet again.  I had scheduled the library facilitator to come visit tomorrow to observe me working with classes.  I was able to work around that issue because the English teacher is being flexible by bringing her classes three different days this week.  But I did get the powerpoint finished in addition to my scavenger hunt questions.  I’m not sure how that is going to go, but we’ll see.  It could be a mess.  But I’m going to try at least. 

So I came home and couldn’t decide what to do for dinner.  I got stuff to make tacos which I really wanted to make, but I didn’t have the stuff needed to make Spanish rice so I decided not to make it.  I didn’t feel like making anything else so I just went to Sonic and got a burger and tots.  Other than that, I’m not doing much this evening.  Just watching some t.v.  I still haven’t started putting the bookshelves together.  I should get to that at some point. 

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear! I hope this won't happen too often, sounds like you manage to solve the issues, but it's annoying anyway. I hope it works out well! How are the animals doing and is it still as hot?