Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I should be in bed, but…

The busy week is off an running.  I stayed busy all day dealing with English classes checking out books and history classes taking a survey in the lab.  In the midst of all of that, I had to adjust the school website because of an edict from the powers that be stating that no student or faculty names or pictures could be on our school website because of some stupid security breach that happened a few weeks ago.  So I had to remove the faculty listing and any place that listed a faculty member.  We didn’t have any students or pictures on the website.  I also worked on finding some research sites for students to use next week. 

After work I went to the bank to deposit some money because my local account is overdrawn.  I did that, then picked up some Bill Miller’s barbeque for dinner.  It was ok, but nothing to write about.  I liked the hash browns.  After that, I finished getting books on my shelves.  I realized that I probably bought one shelf too many, but it’s probably good that I have some room to grown.  I started filling the spaces with all my Marvin the Martian stuff.  I still have one more box to unpack and then I need to hang the shelf that I use to display the Christmas ornaments.  It’s slowly coming together.

I left for band rehearsal around 6:45 and we did a run-through of the concert which is just ridiculous.  We are playing 12 pieces and have an intermission.  I don’t know anyone that likes concert band stuff that much.  Surprisingly, I managed to play the entire night though it was getting tough at the end.  I realize that I do need to practice one piece in particular that has an exposed clarinet part.  The rehearsal ran over time a little so I didn’t get home until 10:15. 

I talked to Josh on the way home from rehearsal and heard about all the things going on with him at college.  He is still doing well and he is going to get to have a lesson this week with the composition teacher from Tasmania.  This will be the person that he will be studying with when he goes down there in the spring. 

I’m still stuffy today.  I think maybe it’s time to find a local doctor.  I haven’t really bothered with it, but I do need to have my yearly checkup and such so I might as well get on that.  There’s a new hospital and medical plaza that was built just down the road so I guess I’ll check that out first and see if any of the doctors are on my provider list.  I don’t want someone that is impossible to get appointments.  I really appreciated my doctor in back in Canyon.  I could always get same day appointments and rarely ever waited more than about 20 minutes for him to see me. 

I’m going to try to head to bed, but not sure I’ll be able to get to sleep right away since I’m having trouble breathing at the moment.  Hopefully the decongestant will kick in soon.

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