Friday, October 21, 2011

A busy day in the library

So much for the relaxing few days I had.  But then again, I do like staying busy.  Today I had students coming in to take make up tests, students using the lab, and three English classes that still had to have their orientations.  Students are figuring out that they need to have passes before school and that is making my job easier.  The scavenger hunts seemed to be a hit again.  Surprisingly, even one of the teachers helping her ESL students had some issues doing the hunt.  It might be something good to have the teachers do sometime. 

The library guy emailed me again.  He even emailed me late last night because the time stamp on the email was after 2:00 a.m.  He said that he would be happy to show me around San Antonio.  Hopefully that is a promising sign.  I guess if we do meet and such that I should come up with a pseudonym for him at some point. 

Not sure what my plan for tomorrow is.  I kind of want to go to a bookstore.  I guess I’ll figure it out in the morning.  On Sunday, my friend Brent from Austin is going to come down and we’re going to Fiesta Texas.  I finally get to ride some coasters!  Woo hoo!

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Jamie said...

I'm all caught up with you again - lately there has been little time for reading my friends, let alone writing.

Have a wonderful time with Brent tomorrow - be careful on those damned roller coasters. If I was on one, I would surely die. :)