Wednesday, October 05, 2011

a long post – but read anyway

So yesterday had more frustrations.  I remained flexible about the schedule and tried to be a gracious host to the visitors in the library.  They came in and set up shop and then asked me to close the library to students before school even started (as they were signing in).  So I did that.  Then they went about their business and did some observations and regrouped around 10:30.  When the bell rang for the next class around then, I stepped out in the hall to monitor students.  The assistant principal came out and asked if I could just stay out of the library while they debriefed.  So what do I do at that point?  Say no?  So I say no problem.  Of course I’m in the hall with nothing.  No book.  No phone.  No computer.  Nothing.  So I go to the teacher’s lounge.  Nothing to do.  I straighten the block letter things that can be cut out and clean up some.  I go to my car and clean it out.  I find a word search magazine so I bring it in.  I do the word search puzzles.  Almost an hour has passed and they are still debriefing.  The bell for lunch rings so I decide I’m going back in to at least get my lunch.  So I quietly go in and go through the back part to get my lunch and heat it up.  I take it to the lounge and eat with the other teachers.  By the time lunch is over, they are finally finishing up.  So I can finally get my library back.  I was a bit put off by all that.  The least they could have done is give me some advance notice or let me work in my office with the door closed.  So after that I rushed to get ready for my orientations. 

After school I went with the band to the showcase at the stadium.  All the high school bands performed their marching shows and the middle schools performed in the stands.  I took my clarinet and played with the band and helped as a chaperone.  It was interesting to see all the bands, but I wasn’t all that impressed.  A few bands stood out, but I’ve seen better back in Canyon.  It was a nice evening – not too cool and no wind.  I really love living in a place where the wind doesn’t blow all the freaking time.  We got back around 9:30.  I was worried about leaving the animals so long, but surprisingly, there was only one pee spot to clean up and no poop at all.  I let them out as soon as I got home.  Then Mollie totally ticked me off.  She came back in and I fed them.  Then about five minutes after that I discover that she peed on the carpet in the time I’ve been home.  So to answer Jan’s question – animals are doing ok, but Mollie is driving me crazy still.  Happily today, however, I discovered that they used the wee wee pads twice today – no stains on the carpet. 

Today at school it was a good day.  I did library orientations with English classes.  I figured out yesterday that I needed to give them fill in the blank notes to keep their attention.  So I got those ready and it made things go much better.  I have a scavenger hunt of sorts that I’m having the classes do, but most aren’t able to finish it.  But I’m getting used to actually finding books in the library, using the Dewey Decimal system, searching the card catalog, and using an actual reference book (not googling).  I think it is a good skill to teach them – especially in middle school.  They seemed to enjoy it so hopefully it will continue to go well the next two days with the other classes.  I love being able to do some teaching but then not really have to do anything more – I work with a variety of students – but none are truly mine.  I don’t have to grade papers, but I guide and direct, offer suggestions, and I love it.  I have no doubt that this is what I’m supposed to be doing.  I’m finally in a place where I enjoy going to work.  I really like my job.  Even with the annoyances like the last minute changes and lack of communication, I enjoy the job itself.  And I still love leaving the work at school.  I don’t bring it home.  Other than a little planning this past weekend, I haven’t done any work from home.  This is the way a job should be. 

More big news – ok, not big but something kind of big for me.  I tried drinking coffee today.  You must understand that I am not a coffee drinker.  I don’t drink coffee. Period.  The last time I tried coffee was maybe 20 years ago and I hated it.  I do like how coffee smells though, but I’ve never been able to develop a taste for it.  So this morning I’m tired.  I need caffeine.  I didn’t want a coke.  My aunt bought be a Keurig coffee maker where you make just a cup at a time.  I had a sample pack of coffee.  I bought some white chocolate/caramel creamer at the store this weekend.  So I thought I’d try it.  I still think it kind of tastes like dirt.  The creamer of course helped, but sugar helped more.  But the taste just stays in your mouth – even after brushing your teeth.  But I got through about a third of a cup.  I can’t decide if it helped or not.  So the jury is still out. 

And to answer Jan’s other question – the weather is still hot, but it is starting to cool down a little – meaning that it only gets to the mid-90’s during the day and maybe down to the 60’s at night.  So it is nice a comfortable most evenings.  Not getting much rain, but there’s some storm possibilities in the next week I think. 

Guess that’s enough for my post today.  Sorry for the length – lots to share I guess.  I’m going to go read a little before calling it a night.  I bought the book “The Help.”  I do want to see the movie at some point, but I want to read the book first. 


Patti said...

It's an interesting post! Not too long.

Can't believe you don't like coffee. I live on it. The darker, the better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing and thank you for answering my questions! I guess the animals are making progress. Sorry to hear about the frustrations, I guess yesterday with the students made up for it. It was a nice post!

I'm with Patti on the coffee!


Patti said...

Speaking of coffee ...

Woke up this morning, turned on the coffee pot and 2 seconds later the power went out in the whole neighbourhood.

No coffee for Patti to start the day. :( (No flat iron either. Or lights to apply make-up. It wasn't a pretty beginning.)