Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Business Opportunity?

My uncle's mother was recently moved to a retirement home near Austin. She is 87 and still in pretty good health, but has fallen twice without being able to get herself up and is needing a walker at this point. She's a sweet lady that I've helped out from time to time. She now has her own apartment in her community center but from what I understand has left quite a bit at her house.
I think my uncle (and aunt) are still concerned for me with regards to my money situation and he proposed a business opportunity to me. Since he lives in Albuquerque and his brother lives in Austin, he asked if I'd be interested in selling some of his mother's things on ebay for a percentage of the profit. I'm not sure what all I'd be dealing with, but I'm sure she has stuff dating back many, many years. But I think it would be a good opportunity to make some extra money. Now I'm trying to figure out what a fair percentage is. From research I've seen that most ebay consignments take in anywhere from 15-35%. I was thinking along the lines of 20-25% plus whatever I spend on shipping. Is this fair? Does anybody else out there sell stuff on ebay? If so, what do you think? Should I pay the listing and selling fees out my profit? Should I take the percentage out after the listing/sell fees? I've only sold one item on ebay before so I'm new to all of this. Any advice?

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Andrew said...

I too need to get rid of some stuff but have not idea how to sell it. Ebay wouldn't work as this is mainly electronic stuff and I don't have the original boxes.

Good luck with this and I hope it works out. Be sure to put a reserve on your items listed on ebay that way you won't have something valuable sell for $5 and change. The buyer can cover the costs of the shipping and not you. You just have to provide the amount.

I hope this finds you well.