Thursday, May 19, 2005

Making Music

I went to Josh's band concert tonight. It's kind of strange to have been sitting on the other side in the audience for the past few years. You see, I used to be there on the gym floor amidst the 100's of other musicians playing my heart out. How I miss it.
I still have that passion for music. My heart swells and I found myself almost in tears hearing them play. I am so proud of Josh being first chair clarinet. Not only do we share the same instrument but he's gaining the same passion for music that I have. He's now considering majoring in music composition. He writes his own original pieces with some music software on his computer. And he's only going to be a high school freshman next year.
Sometimes I wonder if I should have stayed a music major. I played in band throughout college and I still try to play from time to time. And I love it every time I do. As I'm losing my talent and technique sometimes I have to fake it a bit, but it's fun to just be a part of an ensemble. Even though I didn't make it a career of it, I'm enoying seeing Josh blossom with it.
Like me, he thinks band camp is the coolest. (One time at band camp... my friends and I were told not to do cartwheels in the street, but we did it anyways) He loves classical music. He looks forward to Showcase every year. You never know, he may become the next John Williams and you'll hear his music in major motion pictures. (For those of you that don't recognize John Williams... think music of Star Wars, Back to the Future, Jaws)
In band I developed some wonderful friendships that continue to this day. I met Marty in band. My friend Bret was my first MAJOR crush after meeting him at band camp in 7th grade. I used to stare at him in band. My friend Kirsten and I grew up surrounded by music as her dad is a music professor as was my uncle that I spent a great deal of time with. She is now a music professor herself. My friend Robin and I were co-flag captains our senior year and started out as music majors in college. In college, I met more wonderful people like David, Candi, and my friend John (my Kappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma big brother) that I still chat with. It's where I met Josh's dad. I wouldn't have had Josh if it weren't for music.
Next year as Josh goes to high school, his band director is my former junior high boyfriend. It's interesting that Josh doesn't seem to care for him. Says he's a jerk. And yeah, I can see that... but I tell Josh stories about him. It's great fun.
I'm so thankful for what music has given me and now my son. It's something that we can share.

Music expresses that which cannot be said
and on which it is impossible to be silent.
~ Victor Hugo

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