Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Much to think about

Forgive me if I babble a bit. O.k. so I got the job offer this morning. Have been mulling it around today. I'm thinking, o.k. I'm probably going to have to go back to teaching period so given that, would Hereford be a good place to teach? Well, let's see. From what I've gathered in talking to people that have worked there, they love it. Though the community is generally low soci0-economic, the kids are good and try hard. I wouldn't be going in blind on my own as I would still have the teacher that is there mentoring me for at least another year (or two). And it would be all speech. No English. That's a big plus.
Now, for the other stuff. It's a 30 minute drive there. Salary is on the low side compared to other schools in the area. I don't know about getting a stipend. Insurance would be good, but I'd have a 90 day waiting period until it kicks in. There would be lots of travel to tournaments. But I don't mind that so much. (Especially if a stipend is included as it should be) On the up side, there's almost always a salary increase every year.
So in thinking about all these things I've been leaning towards just taking the job. And when I pulled up in my driveway I decided that if I hadn't heard from any place else, then I'd take it.
Wouldn't you know it... there was a message from AISD regarding the technology position. They wanted to know if I had received an email regarding a pre-interview checklist and if I was still interested in the position. I told them I hadn't received the checklist and to resend it. When I got it, there was a lot of stuff on it that I could not say that I was familiar with at all. It also indicated that there were a lot of applicants for the position. I filled it out and sent it back. But now I'm thinking that I'm probably not qualified enough and they're more likely to hire someone already familiar with AISD programs.
So I'm still at a loss. Have a lot to ponder tonight. I wish I could just flip a coin or have an obvious answer appear out of nowhere.
What to do? What to do?

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