Friday, May 06, 2005

Dinner Party for Two?

Well, I finally heard from my friend Bret. I invited him and his wife to come to dinner tonight. We decided on a late supper because of his family coming into town. So I cleaned my house today. It desperately needed it. I made stromboli, fettucini alfredo, salad and a cake for dessert. Unfortunately Bret had to cancel at the last minute. Sure I'm disappointed, but what can I do? Guess we'll be eating stromboli for the next few days. Anyone hungry?

I had a job interview with Amarillo today. It was for any teaching position that might come open. Turns out there's a speech position open at one of the high schools. I guess if the principal is interested in me, he may call me in to interview. I had to tell the office that I was also interested in the technology specialist position. They said they would move my file for that position and that they would call me if they want to interview me.

I think that the water heater issue may be the simple solution needing only a new heating element. So that's good news.

Had an interesting IM conversation today. Actually had a guy politely ask if I was interested in a "friends with benefits" kind of thing. I told him no thanks, but was impressed that he wasn't as crude as some guys have been on here. Still get a lot of weirdos out there. Do I have a freak magnet installed in me somewhere?

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