Sunday, May 22, 2005

My Plans

Well summer is almost here for me. Only another week of school to go. And then for the most part I'll be done with my job. I'll have a few advisers that I'll work with in the summer and will be doing the yearbook workshop at the end of July. But for the most part, this job is almost over. Now I'm making some plans for this summer. In no particular order here's what I hope to accomplish:

Clean out the garage & have a garage sale. I'd like to be able to park my car in the garage again and have a nice clean area to do my laundry.

Shampoo my carpets. I'm not sure if they have ever been really cleaned so I'm going to try to learn how to use my vacuum cleaner shampoo attachment.

Redo the middle bathroom. It's the one room (besides the garage) that hasn't been repainted. It has old flaking paint and the vinyl floor is curling up. If I can get the money I would like to replace the counter top as well.

Clean out my office of excess yearbook materials. Since I won't need to keep a lot of things I'm going to get stuff ready to give back to my boss, give to advisers, or throw out.

Play in summer band and director's band. I really miss playing and since I'm not taking a big trip nor going to a Jostens meeting, I'll have the opportunity to do some playing. I think Josh will even join me for summer band. That should be fun.

Take a short coaster trip and visit my aunt in Albuquerque. I do have to get a few coasters in this summer so hopefully will run down to Dallas and San Antonio. Will also go visit my aunt Barb at some point.

Finally, I'll need to get my room at school ready (assuming they find one for me) and make plans for the first of the school year.

This summer will be shorter than most for me since I have to start back to school the first of August. But if I plan carefully, I should be able to do all this. O.k. maybe most of it pending finances. Anyone want to come help?

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