Thursday, May 05, 2005

Life Getting Back to Normal?

I'm not sure that I ever know what normal is, and the moment I utter those words I'm certain that something completely un-normal will happen.
But in honesty there's really nothing exciting, different, perplexing or anything of that sort going on in my life. I get up, sometimes go to work, sometimes sleep in and then get up and "think" about cleaning the house.
I have no love interest which completely sucks, but I'm accepting it (sort of).
I haven't heard from Marty save one IM where he thanked me for the postcard I sent him.
My money situation isn't dire at the moment and I even have enough to pay Josh's band camp.
My house is in a somewhat messy state and I'm trying to pump myself up and get it cleaned today.
I haven't heard from my friend Bret from California although I'm assuming he's here in town now.
I still have an interview scheduled for Friday. Haven't heard anything regarding my last interview which makes me think that perhaps they're not that interested in me. (Generally when they are, they call you within a day or two I've discovered.) But then again, I still hadn't decided how interested I was in that job. So I guess it's perhaps mutual disinterest.
I still have to get the final marriage certificate to get my annulment started. Contemplating a trip to Hereford this afternoon.
And that's my life as I know it at the moment. Don't mean to bore you or anything, but I guess nothing exciting is sometimes better than having something exciting, but in a not so good way. Guess I'll take what I've got.

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