Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Happy Anniversary!!

One year ago today I started this blog. I have my friend Patrick to thank for it. So thanks Patrick!
Because of this blog I have found many wonderful new friends and I am so thankful for any and all of you that stop by to read. I hope I keep things interesting enough to warrant coming by every so often.
I have also found some very blogs that I am reading on a daily basis. There are some great writers out there that make me laugh, make me think, and move me.
I'm going to keep this going and I hope you will all continue to stop by.
I know I don't always have something witty, interesting or profound to say, but this blog is great place for me to just share a little about my day or my thoughts rambling around in my head.
As a present to me, if you do stop by with any regularity or even if this is your first visit, would you leave me a comment so I know who you are? I'd appreciate it really, really, a lot! O.k. so let's throw the grammar out the window for a moment.
Thanks again for stopping by. Hope you'll keep coming back!


Diana said...

Happy anniversary! :)

Bret Capranica said...

A reader of your blog, I am. It's good to see what's going on with you.

The Cheshire Cat said...

I have always enjoyed reading your blog. You have posted some really thought provoking stuff. :)

Patrick Goodman said...

You're welcome.

Susanlee said...

Happy Blogday! Is this a gift giving occasion?

Annabel said...

Thanks for all the comments! I appreciate all of them.