Thursday, May 26, 2005


Some exciting news! I got a letter from the diocese today stating that my marriage to Richard has been decreed invalid due to his prior bond. So that means I am free to marry in the Catholic Church should I ever find the right man... or at least a pretty darn good one.

In other news, my friend Bret has a blog. Please do go check it out if you get the chance. I think it may spark some interesting discussions (as it has already to some degree). But despite the fact that we may disagree on religious matters and what-not, Bret is still one of my very good friends. He knows me probably better than a lot of my friends and I know him pretty well. We've been friends since the mid-eighties (gosh, now I feel old). I think I'll write a blog about him at some point. (Don't worry.. it will be nice.)

Today was the last day of school for Josh. I know he's relieved. I still have no idea if we're going to do anything interesting this summer.

I've been working in my office clearing out a TON of yearbook stuff. Maybe I've been watching too much clean sweep, but I'm making a keep pile, toss pile and a pile of stuff to give to advisers.

I received my contract from Hereford to sign and it noted they needed me to come in and sign several other things as well. I don't know my salary yet as I think they're waiting on the state to set the minimum guidelines for the 05-06 year.

My friend Kirsten is in town and we're going to see Star Wars tonight. It will be Josh's 2nd time to see it. (among probably several more to come)

Well, I guess I better get back to this mess in the office... unless someone wants to chat with me or something... or unless I find something else I can do instead of this.


Andrew said...

Rachel’s pending annulment to me has now going on well for over a year. Will they notify Richard of the annulment? I was just wondering if it may have come through but I haven’t heard any thing for the local diocese. Maybe because it was my only marriage and she married me knowing I had a mental illness and those were her grounds for the divorce and the annulment. This may be causing the delay.

Anyway, I am so happy for you that you got your annulment and will be married in the church. I also wanted to say congratulation on your new job. I know you must be nervous and apprehensive though. I hope you didn’t mind me posting.


Susanlee said...

If you decide you want to come towards Dallas to go to Six Flags this year, let me know. I can get tickets through my job for $26, and that would save you some money if you're interested. I know they're like $47 at the gate now...