Thursday, May 19, 2005

So what else is new you ask?

O.k., maybe you didn't ask, but let's see...

Went to Josh's school award ceremony on Tuesday. He got an award for band and is in the top ten of his class. I'm very proud. He's very excited about band camp coming soon. Which reminds me, I need to go pay for that.

My dad's girlfriend, Carol Ann, is in the hospital and is having surgery tomorrow. She has an electrical issue with her heart and will be having surgery to correct it.

I'm ready for summer, though it's going to be short. Not certain of my plans, but I hope to at least make a quick trip to Dallas and San Antonio for some coaster rides. I've got to clean out my garage as well.

And that's it. Nothing else to report. But that's not necessarily bad.

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Summer said...

Give Josh a HUGE hug from me. I'm proud of him too!