Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The suspense is killing you isn't it?

You're waiting with baited breath wondering what my decision was aren't you? You want to know whether I took the job or passed in hopes of a better opportunity.

Well, after much contemplation, prayers, soul-searching and what-not, I came to a decision finally. I took the job. And I feel relieved now.

I didn't think I stood much of a chance with the technology position and it would not have been prudent to hold out for that possibility.
I had no other job offers on the table. Although I could have held out and probably have gotten "something" in Amarillo or Canyon, I didn't want to risk losing a perfectly good job.

Both my dad and my aunt really nailed it when they both commented (neither planned) that "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." So I'm going to be teaching high school speech next year.

It's a good situation to go in where I have the help I'll need considering I've been out of the teaching loop for six years. The travel isn't too bad. Pay is o.k. and insurance will be really good when it eventually kicks in.

I talked to my boss last night and he said he'd pay me through August so I don't have to worry about going without a paycheck. He's disappointed to lose me, but he completely understands my situation and I know he can't afford to keep me. (Hmmm... that sounds kind of nice.) He also said that he'd hire me back in a heartbeat and also told the adviser that is at the school I'm going to that she should tell them to hire me and I was too good to pass up. That made me feel very good. And I hate leaving this job. I've made some great friends, have been able to learn a great deal, and haven't had to work too terribly hard. I know that in going back to teaching I'm definitely going to earn my paycheck. My boss didn't want me to tell my advisers that I'm leaving so that it doesn't get out to our competition. I have to admit though I've let the cat out of the bag with a few of my advisers. But the rest can wait until the summer workshop.

Speaking of advisers... I went to Sunray today to help them out again and the adviser gave me a card and a present from Bath & Body. It was so very sweet of her. She wanted to thank me for all my help. It really makes leaving this job harder, so perhaps it's a good thing for me to wait to tell my advisers.

And that's it. I'm taking a leap of faith in this decision, but at least I know that God is with me. And I know I'm going to need a lot of His help!


GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Good for you - it seems like you made the right decision.

Summer said...

I'm glad you decided to take the job. I wanted to tell you too, but, I thought I should keep my opinion to myself. I think that it will rid you of several stressors, like insurance, wear and tear on your car and MONEY! Congrats!