Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Got a job offer.

Hereford called today and offered me the job. I told the principal I wanted to find out about salary and benefits before making the decision. He wanted to know by this afternoon and I told him that if I didn't get back to him today it would be in the morning.
Now what?
Salary is lower than other schools in the area, but that is based on last year's schedules. They couldn't tell me if a stipend would be given for speech travel. (It should, but doesn't mean it will) Insurance benefits are good, however, as I can get First Care which has no deductibles and co-pays only. But I'd have a 90 day waiting period because it's the state insurance and I haven't been contributing to TRS.
I know that if I take the job, I'll immediately get calls from other schools for interviews. If I pass on the job, nobody else will ever call me again. It's Murphy's law you know.
So I'm going to pray about it and think long and hard today.
This will be really hard. I hate making decisions. And this is a big one. Half the time I can't make a decision as to what to eat and now I have to make a career decision.

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