Wednesday, November 29, 2006

3 Things

Borrowed this from Pipe Tobacco.

3 Things that scare me: stinging (flying) insects, scary movies, Rush Limbaugh

3 People who make me laugh: my students, Robin Williams, Mir (from Woulda Coulda Shoulda)

3 Things I love: Josh, my pets, music

3 Things I hate: vegetables, people that are dishonest, cold weather

3 Things I do not understand: men, politics, quantum physics

3 Things on my desk: Bills, a Bible, and several rosaries

3 Things I am doing right now: reading blogs, drinking a coke, listening to the t.v.

3 Things I want to do before I die: ride 600 different rollercoasters, visit Europe (especially Italy & Austria), fall in love (and be loved back)

3 Things I can do: play the clarinet, crochet, use photoshop

3 Things I cannot do: play the piano, lose weight, resist pasta (yes, I know the last two are indeed related)

3 Things you should listen to: Mozart, Olivia Newton John, the WTAMU symphonic band

3 Things you should never listen to: Rap Music, Hip Hop Music, Death Metal

3 Things I would like to learn: betters skills in designing web pages, Catholic Apologetics, Spanish

3 Favorite foods: Spaghetti, Cashew Chicken, Fettuccine Alfredo

3 Beverages I drink regularly: Coke, Water, Tea

3 Shows I watched as a kid: Sesame Street, The Electric Company, Happy Days


PipeTobacco said...


Thank you for visiting my blog. I am glad you liked the "Three Things" list and used it yourself. It was something I had borrowed from Austere.

I greatly enjoyed your list and was happily surprised to learn of your interest in and participation in Catholicism. At some point, I would greatly enjoy talking with you about it futher.


Andrew said...

I still want to taste your cashew chicken! That sounds so delicious. I enjoyed reading this as well. I don't know if you know this, but my mother is Catholic and so was my ex-wife.

Annabel said...

Pipe - I'm up for a talk on Catholicism any time. I have another blog that has chronicled my journey into Catholicism (I'm a recent convert). There's link on the main page.

Andrew - I did know about Rachel as I remember you talking about getting annulment papers from the diocese and yes, I remember you telling me about your mother as well.

The cashew chicken is indeed quite yummy and I highly recommend it! Do you have the recipe? If not, I'll send it to you.