Monday, November 13, 2006

Many jobs

I was thinking recently about my position as a teacher and I realize that I am much more than that. I actually have several jobs.

I am teacher in the sense that is my actual job. I attempt to educate students, guide them, help them prepare for their future. It's often a duanting task, but I rarely run from a challenge.

I am also an accountant. I have to keep track of fundraising money. I have to write receipts for various items. I have to keep track of the team's expenditures and budget money so that we can afford to go to more tournaments.

I am a travel planner. I have to book hotel rooms and estimate expenses for travelling to tournaments.

I am a webmaster. I designed and now upkeep our team website.

I am a librarian. I have to keep track of books of literature that students use for finding selections. I also peruse and order new materials.

I am a coach. I work with students to better their performances. I encourage them and pump them up and push them when they're not trying their hardest.

I am a babysitter. I have to monitor and watch students in the cafeteria every Friday morning and make sure they behave and clean up after themselves. Let's not forget the TAKS test as well.

I am an event coordinator. I have to plan and produce a large tournament considering every detail from room planning, judges, ballots, trophies, and snacks for the judges.

I am a designer. I have to design lessons that are interesting and intriguing. I create my own worksheets, tests, and lesson materials.

I am sure there are more jobs that I undertake not to mention the variety of jobs I hold at home. The next time someone tells me how luckily I am to have summers off, I think I'll let them know that I actually EARN those summers.

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