Friday, November 24, 2006

Wading through piles of Laundry

I'm not sure that my blog readers could possibly understand the enormous amount of laundry that must be done. I would take a picture, but then be thoroughly embarrassed so I will refrain. But I am making progress. I did about 4 loads yesterday and I'm actually folding and putting away stuff. My problem isn't really putting things in the washer and then the dryer, but it's the taking it out, folding it, and putting it away that I have issues with. Sometimes it just goes into a basket (if I can find an empty one which is rare despite having approximately 300 of them) and sometimes it sits on top of the dryer until I need something and I find it and throw it back in the dryer to de-wrinkle it. Isn't that how you're supposed to do it? Yes, I've heard of irons, but this takes much less work on my part.

I forgot to mention the other day that the hot water on my kitchen sink is broken. The handle was having issues for a while and it got to the point where I could not shut it off at all. I had to turn it off under the sink. (Thankfully I knew what to do and didn't panic -- too much.) So yesterday I washed some pans in cold water. I can't run my dishwasher because I think that the hot water valve under the sink has to be open for it to work. But luckily the dishwasher was pretty much loaded and I added a few more dishes so those waiting to be washed in the sink aren't overwhelming. My brother is going to fix it tomorrow. Luckily, he is off until Monday so he will hopefully have the time to help me out.

Today I actually slept past 9 a.m. I'm sure it helped that I took a tylenol p.m. I'm feeling better about my cat and am remaining optimistic. I've prayed to St. Nicholas of Tolentino (patron saint of sick animals) and St. Francis of Assisi (patron saint of animals) for their intercessions and am now leaving it in God's hands.

Well, I better quick slacking off here and get more laundry done. Only about 12 more loads to go... give or take a few.


Andrew said...

I am right here with you on the laundry front today. I just got finished with an enormous load of tighty whiteys and now have to wash some shirts and jeans.

becky said...

Welcome to Mt. Washmore National Park! ;) Sounds like you are ready to be a tour guide.

And the folding-putting away thing? Right there with you. Every day I make a new resolution.

Yeah. I'm still digging through baskets as we speak.

Hang in there and keep trying!