Thursday, November 16, 2006

Catching Up

Yes, I am posting while at school. It's probably a no-no, but it's technically my lunch and or conference period so I think that I should be able to do what I want. It's not that I have anything to say either. I guess I'm bored and I'm avoiding work that should be done. I have, however, finished grading papers. I do need to update grades in the online grade book, but at least I'm caught up with grading in general. I've been working on updating the speech team website quite a bit and I'm getting the hang of basic web design stuff. O.k. not really design since I borrowed a template, but I am updating it pretty regularly.
I'm trying to decide what kind of iPod I should get Josh for Christmas. I think he pretty much wants it just for the music so I could get by with the Ipod Nano 4 Gig. But then I wonder if I should get him just a regular iPod that is the 30 Gig with video capabilities. I guess I'll keep doing some shopping online and see what kind of deal I can get. They also have them at Walmart priced fairly cheap.
I am getting excited about getting the new/used car. I haven't decided what Josh and I are going to do for Thanksgiving. Although I can always go to Albuquerque, I really don't want to pay for the gas to go. My aunt always fills up my tank before I leave, but it's still costs to fill it up before going. There's also a remote possibility that Josh will have to go with the band to a playoff game if the football team wins their first playoff game this Friday. I think Josh and I might just go to Golden Corral for Thanksgiving dinner. It would be pointless to make a turkey with all the trimmings for just ourselves. I'd be glad to share with someone else, but most of my family & friends either live elsewhere or will be gone.
Well, I better get ready for my next class. We're going to play a review game for their test on Friday.

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Susanlee said...

You can get a turkey dinner at United with just the breast(so its all white meat and not 30 pounds of food) along with dressing, and two other sides for like $30. That's what Justin and I are going to do. All you have to do is reheat.