Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Safe and Sound

I made it back relatively in one piece. Tonight will be just a brief update and I will plan for a more detailed update when I get a chance.
The band made it to finals which was good. They were in 3rd place going in, but ended up in 6th place (0ut of 7 that made it to finals out of 21 bands competing). They did a very good job, but I guess their show was not in the judges preference. The band director thought it was their best show yet and was pleased that they did their best. The kids were disappointed especially because the same band has won three years in a row.
I'm a bit tired and am getting a scratchy throat. I really hope I'm not getting sick and it's due to yelling at the competition. It was a long trip, but I'm very glad that I went. I did get to talk to a few more parents but I'm still pretty much a loner. Now I have to run to Sonic and get dinner since there's no food in the house.
Hope this brief update satisfies you for now. I do promise more later.

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