Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I took my cat to the vet. I found one open today and the potential prognosis is not good. She may have FIP which is basically fatal. The problem is that a blood test for it has to be sent to the lab in order to diagnose it. The lab was closed today and will be closed tomorrow and so we probably won't have results until Monday. She did test negative for Feline Leukemia and her other blood work wasn't bad other than being malnutritioned at the moment because she's not eating. I left her at the vet in order to get some fluids in her intraveneously. I held it together pretty well at the vet but lost it when I got in the car. I hate this. I love my pets dearly, but the problem with having pets is that you ultimately will lose them and that hurts. She is only four years old.

I spent $346 on the bill today if that tells you anything about how much my cat means to me. Normally my dad's vet takes care of our animals for free as my dad exchanges repair work with him. My dad was going to take her on Monday but since she wasn't eating I didn't think she'd make it until then. Please don't call me crazy for spending that kind of money on my pet. If you don't understand it, that's fine, but I know there are those out there that would do the same if it were their pet.

I'm having a hard time getting anything done today because I just feel depressed. I miss my cat. She wasn't the kind that would sit in your lap, but you knew that she loved you because of the way she would rub against you or always want to sleep near you. So much for a Happy Thanksgiving.


emptydog said...

No, it is not crazy to spend that much money on a pet. We are cat people and know that they become members of the family. We offer our prayers.

becky said...

Annabel, sorry I missed this yesterday. Glad to hear your cat is doing a bit better today. No, I don't think it's crazy to spend that much on a pet. I've spent more than that on Libby the Adventure Poodle. They're one of the family.

But next time? I'm getting the pet insurance.

Hang in there on the Thanksgiving thing. The first one without the boys was tough for me.