Thursday, November 30, 2006

What a day already!

I got up early this morning because I figured the roads would be bad because of the weather. The Amarillo area got about 5 inches of snow. I turned the t.v. on just in case school happened to be cancelled. Several schools were, included Josh's, but not mine. My principal did call me at 6:45 just as I was preparing to leave to let me know that we were starting an hour late. The roads in town were pretty snow packed. I had to stop and get gas this morning. (I knew I should have filled up last night.) Luckily I was smart and wore layers today. I have long johns on under my pants, an undershirt, a turtle neck, and a long sleeve denim shirt as well. Once I got on the highway, the road itself wasn't too bad, it was the visibility that wasn't great. There was blowing snow and kind of foggy mist all around. I took it a little slower, but drove about 50 mph. In Hereford, the streets were pretty bad. I got to school around 7:45. I decided to head to walmart because I was short on butter for the food I was making my students today and I forgot to bring dessert. I was going well until I got to a corner and I found myself stuck. My new car is much lower to the ground and just doesn't handle snow drifts very well. I got out and tried digging around the wheels and I was so thankful for the extra clothing and the boots I was wearing. I have some hiking boots that I bought about 3 years ago that I never wore. They more than paid for themselves today. Finally a good Samaritan from the Auto Zone store came and gave me a shove and helped me get unstuck. I went to Walmart and got the things I needed and came back to school. School didn't start until 9:20 so I piddled around in my room for a while. During 2nd period today I set up the table for the lunch this afternoon. During my 3rd period conference my TA (teacher assistant) and I went over to the Career & Technology building to use the kitchen. I put the stromboli in the oven and made the fettuccine alfredo. My student helped with the salad and washed dishes for me. We made it back right in time for lunch. The students really seemed to enjoy it. They got very full. I offered the leftover food to my principal and the office staff. (It never hurts to be nice to those people) They seemed to enjoy it as well.
So it's already been a busy day. I'm going to run downstairs and take some things to my car and then it will be time for my next class.

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