Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just too much

What a long day. I got to school at 7:45 and had students waiting for me. I answered some questions and got to work on things for the day. I haven't caught up on grading papers and I don't know if I'll make it. Tomorrow I have to make sure my grades are completely done since I won't be here on Monday or Tuesday to put things in at the last minute. I also have to get my substitute plans ready as well. On top of that, I have to listen to student's performances to make sure they're ready to go to the next tournament. I may put that off on my president & vice president of the speech club while I get work done.
After school today I had to listen to more students and work with one on a dramatic piece. I left school at 5:30, had to run and get cash to get pay for the musical tickets, pick up dinner (which took forever), rush home, eat AND iron Josh's costume at the same time, then rush up to the high school to watch the musical. I originally planned to just go on Saturday, but the choir director from church (who is also Josh's piano teacher) wanted to come on Thursday so she could see both Josh and another girl from church who wasn't going to be in it on Saturday. They did a really great job and I am amazed at what a great production they do for it being a high school show.
I'd write more, but it's past my bed time and I've got a long day tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I think you ought to start entering marathons. I know for a fact that you'd win everyone of them!

Anonymous said...

It's strange that all those things that are supposed to save time, like email and cell phones, actually take more time than they save.