Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Allergies or a cold

I can’t tell if the allergies are just getting worse or if I’m in the beginning stages of a cold.  Today I got a huge headache right before lunch.  It was bad enough that I had to take three tylenol caplets to get it to go away.  I took two just before lunch, then ate and drank a coke but it was hanging on so I took another one.  Finally after another hour or so it passed.   I had classes that I was working with in the lab all day today so it was hard to shake it.  I finally did just have to sit down for a bit during the latter part of one class.  Now I feel like something is coming on and I’m not sure if it is full blown allergies – got the watery eyes, feeling like I want to sneeze but can’t, and kind of drained.  I took a benadryl so I hope that will knock it out for the evening so I can sleep.  Band rehearsal was tough because I just wanted to get through it and go home.  My mouth was hurting by the end of the night.  Once again, we’re playing a lot of music. 

I think I’m going to get tickets to see Les Miserables in January.  The show is almost already sold out so I need to go ahead and get the tickets.  Josh and I will go since he’ll be home on break.  I’ve never seen the music, but have heard the music quite a bit and it is simply powerful.  Tomorrow I really need to go get my driver’s license renewed.  My birthday is coming up next week and I need to do it before then.  The DMV is open late on Wednesdays only.  I need to dig out my birth certificate and social security before going to bed tonight.  I think I’ll do that and then hit the sack.  I hope the benadryl kicks in soon.

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Andrew Quixote said...

You've really amazed me these past few weeks. Don't let a cold bring you down. When you set your mind upon something then nothing stops you.