Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Heading to Vegas!

Actually it will be a few hours before I head out, but I’m getting ready for the trip.  I got my boarding pass last night.  I refuse to get suckered into the $10 charge to have it automatically reserved.  I’m still in the “A” boarding group so I’m happy with that.  It’s going to be a busy morning.  I got up earlier than I really wanted to.  I kept hearing email notifications on my iPhone so I got curious about it.  Turns out someone hacked my email and sent a spam message out.  Luckily, I only have about 15 contacts in my new email address so I sent a quick note out letting everyone know that I had been hacked.  I changed my password so I hope that will be the end of that.  I have a to-do list going and am making progress on it.  I met with my ex-husband yesterday to go over information on taking care of the animals and the house.  Max is feeling much better so I think the medicine is working.  I had to resort to putting it in cat food, but he eats it with no problem.  On my list today is to clean the house, pack, go to the bank, call my other bank, and make a quick trip to the store.  I also have to clear stuff from my old laptop so my ex-husband can use it while he stays here.  I don’t think that there’s really anything incriminating on it, but I suspect he would love the opportunity to snoop.  I’ve already put my journals in the storage area of my car which will be left at the airport so that he can’t read through them.  I think it would be really tempting.  I also have to mow the lawn today.  Not looking forward to that, but I finally was able to get the mower lowered so it will cut the grass a little deeper.  I had to use some WD-40 on the things that you lift to adjust it.  It worked like a charm.  

Josh and I will probably leave around 4:45 and go eat and then head to the airport.  Our flight leaves at 8:00 and arrives in Vegas at 9:00 given the time change.  Tomorrow night we have tickets for Penn & Teller.  On Thanksgiving day we will find someplace to eat and it will be great to be able to see my dad and sister and all the in-laws and nephews.  I just wish my brother could have come.  Hopefully I’ll see him in January.  He is taking a cruise out of Houston so he’ll be driving through and we’ll probably go out to eat or something. 

Well, I guess I better get back to work.  I’m almost finished with my cup of coffee.  (I’m still not really a coffee drinker – this is the first cup I’ve had in about two weeks – but it’s getting more tolerable with enough cream and sugar.)


Rebecca said...

We saw Penn and Teller a year ago, and it was one of my favorite shows in Vegas. Have a wonderful time and hopefully Max will be back to 100% when you get back. :)

Anonymous said...

Check out the coffee at one of the cafes at The Paris in Vegas. A cup of coffee with a croissant...heavenly! Have a great trip.


dikvipreal said...

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Have fun!