Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Today I was at a training session for our textbook tracking software.  Though it was useful, I felt that we could have done the training in half the time without all the longwinded gripe sessions.  I ate lunch at a place called the Pig Stand.  I ordered a bacon cheeseburger which was ok, but I thought it was rather overpriced.  We finished a little after 4:00 and I got home about 4:45.  I fed the animals, checked email, caught up on blogs, watched some t.v., and made some dinner.  I finished the second Sue Grafton book a little while ago.  I feel like it should already be about 9:30, but it is only 7:00.  Though I like this time change, I feel like I should be in bed already. 

I guess I could start the next book in the series, but I’m not sure I want to.  There’s nothing on t.v.  There’s nobody really to call and talk to.  I guess I’m also feeling a bit melancholic.  It’s probably the fact that my birthday is tomorrow.  While I will certainly get a bunch of happy birthday wishes on Faceback and probably from a few blog friends, I realize that I’m rather alone here in San Antonio.  Then again, I’m not sure what is so different here than it was in Canyon -except that I at least saw some of my facebook friends in real life.  My birthday usually fell around one of the major speech tournaments that I’d usually attend.  It’s not that I want a party or presents or anything, I guess I’m just wanting more companionship here. 

I’ve always tried to make other people feel special on their birthdays and it seems that mine has been just another day for the past several years now – especially with Josh gone to college. At least when he was here it was more special since we shared the day.  I thought that turning 40 would be a major event and yet it was just another day.  No party.  No black balloons.  Nobody making fun of me being over the hill.  Perhaps I’m just feeling like an old maid.  Don’t worry, my birthday will pass quickly tomorrow and I’ll get over my pity party.  Josh will be here this weekend and we’ll get to celebrate our birthdays together with a traditional dinner out.  The fact that we share the same birthday is pretty awesome.  I’m sure that’s fairly rare.  Well, enough of this rambling.  There’s a show on the Titanic on this evening so I’ll watch it and read my book during the commercials until it is time to go to bed.

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