Monday, November 21, 2011

The things we do for our pets

Yesterday I spent 3 hours and $500 at the vet.  My dog, Max, hadn’t eaten anything since Friday evening.  He threw up early Saturday morning and then stopped eating.  He was a bit lethargic and wanted to go outside almost constantly.  I kept an eye on him and kept trying to get him to eat, but he wouldn’t.  On Sunday, he was acting like he needs to go to the bathroom but couldn’t.  Luckily in a big city, there’s 24 hour vet hospitals.  They say they don’t charge more for coming in on weekends, but they sure charged me an arm and a leg regardless.  They ran blood tests, took xrays, and did a urinalysis.  Turns out that he doesn’t have any major diseases, but probably had an infection due to the high white cell count.  They also discovered that he had bladder and kidney stones.  They gave me the option of going with surgery or try to treat it with meds and diet first.  I opted for the meds/diet first.  The surgery was going to run 800-1500 dollars and I didn’t even have the $500 that I already spent.  I ended up putting it on my credit card and I guess I’ll eventually pay it off with the hope that the medicine and fancy dog food helps Max get better.  I had a heck of time getting Max to take the first round of pills (antibiotic and two pain killers).  With him not having any appetite, I had to get them down his throat and he didn’t like that at all.  I called my aunt and she suggested wet cat food.  I tried that this morning and it worked like a charm.  I know it doesn’t help with the diet, but this point, I’m happy to get the meds and any kind of food in him right now.  I think the meds are going to have to kick in first before he gets his appetite back.  I’m guessing he has a bladder infection.  I know that when I’ve had them in the past, it was really painful and you felt like you had to go all the time.  I hope the medicine kicks in soon.  Max is getting old, but I think he still has some life in him yet.

In other news, my Scrabble friend, Matt, came over Saturday night.  He brought me a stuffed animal and I made homemade pizza.  He seemed to like the pizza and told me that I was a good cook.  We played 4 games of scrabble and he showed no mercy.  He beat me every game, though I did have a pretty good score of 389 for one game.  It was kind of frustrating for me, but I appreciate that he didn’t hold back.  I don’t think he should let me win.  He did ask me if I wanted to do something next Saturday and mentioned the possibility of bowling.  He said he didn’t want to monopolize my time, but I made a comment about not having much of a life anyway.  He’s still difficult to read as he is not flirtatious at all.  Perhaps if we do something other than play Scrabble, I’ll get a better feel for him. 

Today I’ve got to pay bills and see if I have enough money to spend on the trip to Vegas.  I’m going to skip a car payment this month by submitting a $25 fee to do so.  That should help a little.  I also got paid $100 for playing at a church service yesterday.  I have orchestra rehearsal this evening and will probably pack tomorrow since the flight doesn’t leave until 8:00 p.m.  My ex-husband is coming over shortly so I can go over information on taking care of the animals. 

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