Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pity Party Over

There’s nothing like getting a date to get over self-pity.  Surprisingly, the library remembered it was my birthday – only after telling once on our date and he emailed me today telling me happy birthday and asked me to lunch tomorrow.  So of course I said yes. 

I got up early this morning for some reason.  I got to school and stayed busy all day.  No birthday wishes from anyone at school – but nobody knew it was my birthday.  I did get a lot of comments on Facebook though.  I had a meeting after school and then headed home. 

I’m heating up something for dinner and having a beer while watching Harry Potter.  I’m on my third Sue Grafton book so I only have plans to take it easy tonight.  Can’t complain too much. 


Andrew Quixote said...

Happy birthday my dearest of friends. Don't feel bad as mom and dad are the only ones who remember my birthday. We usually just go to the Outback steakhouse.

Christina said...

Happy Happy !! How nice your new friend remembered your b day. Sounds like a keeper to me! Enjoy your time with him!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday ! Its nice when someone unexpected remembers:)


Annabel said...

Thanks Andrew. My dad, brother, and sister didn't even remember. It will probably hit them when we're in Vegas. I love Outback so that would great. Josh and I usually go to Olive Garden but we might go somewhere different since there are more choices in San Antonio.

Thanks Christina. Don't know if anything will develop with my new friend, but I'm just happy to have someone to do things with in SA.

Thanks Jan. It certainly was a nice surprise that he remembered.