Saturday, November 26, 2011

To flirt or not to flirt

So Matt and I went out to dinner tonight.  We went to a place called the The Little Red Barn which is a steakhouse.  It was interesting in that they give you a salad as soon as they seat you.  The steak was good.  We decided to stay in and watch a movie tonight.  He brought over Mystic River which I had never seen.  I’m still having a difficult time trying to figure out if Matt is interested beyond something platonic.  A part of me thinks that because he keeps asking me out and spending time with me, that he is interested beyond the superficial stuff, but he doesn’t really flirt or make any kind of move.  We haven’t even hugged.  I’m not complaining – I guess I’m just not used to that.  Either a guy likes me or he doesn’t and if he does, then he usually pursues it more actively so to speak.  I think, though, that perhaps, he is really kind of shy when it comes to dating.  I’m thinking that he perhaps doesn’t have a lot of experience or something.  Or maybe he just takes things really slowly – which in my case is probably a good thing – it just confuses me.  Regardless, I’m just enjoying spending time with him and he keeps acting interested so I’m just going to go with it and quit over analyzing things.  Ok, so I won’t quit overanalyzing, but will still enjoy things as they are.  He’s coming to my concert on Friday. 

Tomorrow I have to go to the store and get ready for the digital citizen lessons I have to teach this week.  Though I still enjoy my job, I’m glad that Christmas break isn’t too far away. 


Leann said...

It sounds like you had a nice time. You've found someone you enjoy spending time with. Whatever comes of it, you've made a new friend. :-)

Christina said...

flirt with him!!!

Andrew Quixote said...

Give him a big gobsmack of a kiss and see what he does. I was always shy about dating and I loved forward and aggressive women. Makes me all tingly inside thinking about it.