Sunday, November 06, 2011

Bad Annabel

So when I moved down here to San Antonio, I packed a lot of books.  This is after getting rid of about 1/3 of them.  When I was putting them on the shelves last weekend, I had a full shelf of books that I still have not read.  I decided that I shouldn’t buy any more books until I read those.  I’ve been trying.  I started one and just couldn’t get into it.  I have another started and might finish it at some point.  I have several book collections as well.  At one point I had all of the Sue Grafton series as well as the Janet Evanovich books.  But I’ve loaned some of those books out and never got them back.  So I was missing 3 or 4 from each of those series.  So yesterday I went to some used bookstores in town and found the missing books.  I also got one of the hardcovers of my Harry Potter series.  I had all but two of the books in hardcover.  I still need to find one more.  They had one that I found yesterday, but the pages were coming apart from the spine.  So I bought more books – but at least they weren’t more books that I may or may not read.  I do re-read my series books from time to time.  In fact, I started with the Sue Grafton books again yesterday.  Her next book is coming out in about a week so I don’t think I’ll make it through all of them, but I’ll get through several. 

I stopped for lunch at Five Guys burgers and then headed home.  I started my book and just took it easy the rest of the evening.  I watched some t.v., surfed the web, and talked to one of my friends from back home.  I’m hoping she will get to come down and visit at some point.  Josh will be here next weekend so I’m looking forward to that.  We’re going to go out to dinner for our birthdays as is our tradition. 

I sent library guy an email after we got back on Friday, thanking him for the evening and told him that I enjoyed meeting him.  He responded last night and said that he enjoyed it too and was looking forward to doing more fun things with me in the future in addition to some Scrabble sessions.  So I think that is a positive sign.

Today I have no plans other than reading and relaxing.  I have a little bit of laundry to do, but other than that, nothing that must be done.  It’s really nice to have such weekends.  No speech tournaments that keep me exhausted.  No papers to grade or lessons to plan.  I don’t mind doing stuff on weekends as long as it is something that is fun that I want to do, not something I necessarily have to do. 

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