Friday, November 11, 2011

Scrabble Success

So I had my lunch date with library guy today.  We went to a home cooking kind of place that is on this side of town.  Food was pretty good but not amazing.  I had the fried catfish with mashed potatoes, corn, and dirty rice.  We then came back to my place to play Scrabble.  He had his own board, timer, and scoring sheets.  Luckily we didn’t use the timer or I would have not done as well, but I ended up winning 373 to 289.  He had an off day and I ended up with most of the good tiles.  And he did help me make a bonus word.  We’re going to get together next weekend and I’m going to make my homemade pizza.  He said that he thought that I had lot of good potential to be a great player.  He brought me books to use for studying and some other books just to read.  So things are going pretty well in that sense. 

Josh will be coming home tonight but probably won’t get in until late.  Tomorrow I think we’ll go shopping and then go out for Italian.  Today I mopped floors and am doing some laundry.  I had the day off from school for Veteran’s day.  The rest of the house is still clean though I will have to mow this weekend.  I find it amazing that just having free evenings make it easier to keep a clean house.  Sure, sometimes it gets a little messy because I get lazy – but it hasn’t been too bad.  Part of it is the amount of space I have, but most of it is the fact that I have time on weekends to stay on top of things. 

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Jan said...

I'm a day late, but wanted to wish you a belated happty birthday!