Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One more week of vacation

Time seems to fly when you’re on vacation. Yesterday I was completely lazy. I didn’t even change out of pajamas all day. Today I at least took a shower, but now I’m back in pj’s. I’m actually thinking of getting dressed and going to the movies. One of the theaters here has $6.00 tickets all day. I can’t decide if I want to see New Year’s Eve or Young Adult. I think Matt and I are going to a scrabble party on Friday evening. For New Year’s Eve, my friend Brent is coming down and he will spend it with Matt and I. I think we’ll grill steaks and I will make fettuccine.

Here’s a picture of Matt for those of you that I don’t have as friends on Facebook.


I think Mollie is in love with him. When I’m cooking in the kitchen, she waits by the front door. I think she’s figured out that I usually cook when he is coming over. They cuddled all day on Christmas. Hopefully next time it will be me cuddling.

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