Thursday, December 01, 2011


We were told at our rehearsal on Tuesday that we were supposed to provide cookies for the reception at our concert on Friday.  After school today I went to the grocery store and got the stuff to make cookies from scratch.  Sure, I could have just bought pre-made dough, but there’s a sense of satisfaction I get from making it from scratch.  Besides, my cookies are quite delicious.  I made chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips.  One of the cookies happened to come out in the shape of a heart.

heartcookieNormally I’d give it to someone special, but I don’t really have that – yet - so I think I’m going to eat it myself.  Maybe it is a sign though that love will come my way again some day.   Here’s to hoping.

Today was a relief to be finished teaching the digital citizenship classes.  Now I have a ton of stuff to catch up on.  On the positive side – only two weeks left until Christmas break!


Andrew Quixote said...

Ah! Help me Jesus! You are making me so hungry. My cousin Jean from south
Georgia always bakes me chocolate chip and walnut cookies.

Annabel said...

Awww - Andrew, I'd make you a bunch of cookies for you any time. Perhaps some day you'll come see me in Texas or I'll make it to Alabama.