Saturday, December 17, 2011

I’m a chicken

Normally I get some kind of signal from a guy that it is ok to make some kind of move. A touch, a glance, a comment… something. I’m getting nothing here. I’ve wowed him three times with dinner and dessert. We’ve done something together almost every weekend for the past six weeks. He wants to spend time with me, and yet he makes no moves at all. I’m ok with the let’s just be friends thing, but usually if that’s the case, I might see the person once a month – if that. He brings me books to read. He asked me to go to midnight mass at Christmas with him and to a possible New Year’s eve party. And still no hug. No hand holding. Tonight I did sit right next to him on the couch and our shoulders touched. I think I conveyed a few flirtatious moments, but not sure. I don’t know if I’m off my game or if I’m just completely in dark and have no idea what to do. We are going to the movies on Sunday evening. He has invited me to go to his scrabble club on Thursday and dinner afterward. I guess we’ll just keep slowly moving forward and maybe one of these days I’ll get a hug or something. I’m not complaining – just confused.

So in other news…. Josh is home. I’m glad he’s here, but it costs me more in groceries. Thankfully I’m able to skip a car payment this month. That way I can buy a few Christmas presents this month. I’m still debating what to get Matt. I have a few ideas. I’ll see if anything else comes to me when I go shopping tomorrow. On Tuesday next week, Josh and I are going to to Austin to go shopping and then we will have dinner with Brent and Marty. It should be fun.

I’m glad that school is out. I spent the day cleaning up and organizing as much as I could. My library is looking pretty nice – at least out front… the back is a whole other story. Hopefully I’ll get to it after the break. I still love the job. I’m still staying busy, but I don’t mind the work. That is the way a job should be. It shouldn’t be a constant level of frustration.

Well, I’m going to go to bed and enjoy sleeping in tomorrow. I’ve already turned off the alarm. Of course that means I’ll be awake at 5:00 a.m. Oh well… that’s the way it usually goes.

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Jan said...

Wow, this is a tough one. I keep reading, hoping you have a breakthrough at some point...of course, he might have a secret blog where he is saying the same things?

Let us know when something happens!