Friday, December 23, 2011

Scrabble Success

I finally beat Matt at Scrabble last night. I even had one of my highest scores ever at 453 points. I met him for dinner at a restaurant across the street from where his Scrabble club meets. It turns out his friend Jason and his mom showed up for dinner even though they couldn’t stay for practice. Matt made a comment as we were entering the restaurant that they would finally get to see that I’m “real” and he’s not making me up. Jason and his mom were very nice. Of course she asked how we met and I wasn’t sure if Matt would be embarrassed to tell them that it was on an online dating site, but it didn’t seem to phase him. Michael didn’t really want to tell people we had met that way. My brother and his wife met online, but I’m the only person in the family that knows that. It doesn’t bother me. If I find someone I like through the internet and it turns out he’s not psycho, then who cares? So we had a nice dinner and they got to know me a little more. Even though I have yet to hug Matt, Jason’s mom (I’m drawing a blank on her name right now) hugged me before leaving so I take it that I have her approval. So then we went over to the practice center. When I sat down to play one of the other guys in the club, I was really nervous. I can’t explain why, but I was actually shaking a little. I had to open and I was frantically trying to make a bingo word because I had pretty good tiles. Finally it came to me and I played “stouter.” After that, I did pretty well and beat the first guy – though not by much. For most of the game we were scoring pretty evenly. After that, I played another guy who kicked my butt and I didn’t even break 300 points. Then I played Matt and scored two bingo words – one of them in the very last play. Score was 453 to 368. We played another game – actually Matt played me and another guy simultaneously and he beat me, but not by much. Perhaps I’m getting better and actually learning a few things. Or maybe I just had a good night.

Today I have to go to the grocery store and get stuff to make chicken parmesan tonight. I’m also going to get stuff to make caramel apple crisp for dessert to take to Christmas dinner. Then I’m going to clean the house and do laundry. Matt is coming over for dinner at 7:00. If I can find a t.v. stand for my bedroom, I’ll try to get one and get my new t.v. hooked up. I should go get dressed and head out for my errands.


Patti said...

Merry Christmas! :)

Rebecca said...

Merry Christmas Annabel. I know you find the situation with Matt a little confusing, but honestly? A guy who takes things really slow and builds a friendship first?? That one is special and refreshing. It sounds like both of you are enjoying getting to know each other. Also? Now I am craving caramel apple crisp and have no idea of how to even make it. LOL. I hope your holidays are wonderful.

Annabel said...

Here's the recipe Rebecca -

Not sure if it will turn out great - but I think can't really go wrong with baked apples and caramel at all.