Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kind of a Success

Overall the evening was pretty good. Matt arrived shortly after 6:00 just as dinner was finished. We ate my wonderful cashew chicken which he said was very good and had two helpings of. Then we put the tree together and decorated it. We had rum and cokes with dinner and then eggnog when we watched my favorite movie Love Actually. So I sat a teensy bit closer this time and our arms touched a little. He seemed to enjoy the movie and afterward we had cake for dessert (cinnamon swirl with cream cheese glaze frosting) and played a couple of games of scrabble. Before leaving he said that he enjoyed the evening very much. So I walked him to the door and… he left. Still no hug or anything of the sort. So I’m not sure if a.) He’s into me, but really shy. b.) he’s really just interested in being friends and nothing more c.) he is interested, but isn’t picking up on any of my signals or d.) like a typical man, has no idea what he wants. I guess it may even be a combination of all the above. I pulled out all the stops tonight – plied him with some alcohol, made an amazing meal and dessert, watched a romantic, yet enjoyable for a guy movie, and let him beat me at Scrabble (ok, so he beat me fair and square, but I told him it was because I was cheering him up after his disappointment last weekend.) So I don’t know what to think, but I kind of think he’s kind of interested because he has now asked me to go to a Scrabble New Year’s eve party with him. We’ve also talked about going to several movies together in the next few weeks. So he obviously wants to spend time with me… it’s just so confusing.

There was also a little bit of an awkward moment when we were putting up ornaments and one of the ones from last year was an ornament that had a picture of Michael and me and I said something to the effect of “I don’t want to put this one on the tree” and set it aside and he asked why and I said it had a picture of someone I was dating last year, but also said that we were still friends. He made a comment that it is good that I stay on friendly terms with exes.

So I guess we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing and see if things progress. Perhaps I need to ply myself with a little more alcohol next time. I had lots of opportunities to ask more leading questions of him and I didn’t.

Well, it is late and I’m going to go to bed. I have to go to the post office tomorrow and then if it’s nice, mow the back yard.


Anonymous said...

While #D made me giggle, I suspect it is #A. Maybe you should just ask him. It is a legit question.

Jan said...

I took a quick mental poll...most of the men I know that love Scrabble are shy. Wonder why? What's the connection?

Guess it won't hurt keeping on what you are doing...scrabble is fun and safe.

If he asks to play dress up or try on your shoes...scrabble or no him to the door.

Just kidding,I hope.