Monday, December 26, 2011

An interesting day

So I tried to sleep in this morning, but was awake at 8:00 a.m. in spite of my best efforts to not wake up that early. I made myself get out of bed around 9:45 and take a shower. Matt came over around 11:30 and we exchanged gifts. He got me a gift card to Half-Price books and he seemed to enjoy the gifts I got him. He also told me that “I” was the best gift he had this Christmas and gave me a huge hug. I made breakfast burritos (without eggs) and cinnamon rolls. We had a late breakfast and visited for a long while as we ate. After that we watched “A Christmas Story” together. Mollie found a new best friend as she sat on Matt’s lap the entire time and he petted her. After the movie we watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I realized at 3:00 that I needed to start making the apple crisp so I got to work on it. It turned out very well I think. At 4:30 we headed to his friend’s house. There were a lot of different people there, but they were all very nice and we had a lot of interesting conversations. There was a lady there that had just moved back to Texas from Australia so we had lengthy conversations about Josh going to Tasmania. At one point, I was introduced to someone by Matt and he called me his girlfriend. We ate barbeque and played several games of Scrabble. We headed out around 11:30 and came back to my house. He came in to gather his gifts and then he gave me another hug and I even got a quick kiss on the lips. So it is official. I have a boyfriend!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Christmas gift!

A Blessed New Year to you, too. I've got a feeling you have an exciting 2012 coming up.


Andrew Quixote said...

OH, this is all so exciting!!! You so deserve this after all this time without a boyfriend. He better treat you right. Tell him You've got a blog buddy in Alabama ready to defend you. He seems like such a kind soul that he is.

Rebecca said...

Yay!!!! I think you got a really good one too! Way to go Santa....LOL.

Christina said...

well whoo hooo!! A kiss for Christmas....someone was a good girl this year!


Jan said...

A huge hug? A kiss? His girlfriend? There IS a Santa after all!


Happy holidays,