Thursday, September 30, 2010

Almost Friday at least

Once upon a time I had Andrew’s number and if I could find it, I would try to give him a call.  I thought I might have it one of my old cell phones, but I can’t find the charger for one of them and the oldest one is deader than a doornail with a charger attached.  I thought I had my old computer where I’m sure it was in an email, but that’s gone too.  I guess it will just be a wait and see game.  I think he’ll get in touch or start posting again when he feels better.  He’s been known to stay offline for a few weeks if he’s having a difficult time.  So I’ll just remind him that I care about him, and I hope things get better soon.  All I can offer are prayers for him and whatever situation he’s dealing with. 

I had grand plans to grade papers tonight, but I spent most of it looking for the phone cords that I just didn’t get it done.  Now I’m ready for bed so I think I’ll try to just get up early tomorrow and get to school early and get some grading done then.  I’m showing a movie in my English classes, so that will be a nice change from teaching.  I’m glad tomorrow is Friday, but that means that my midterm is getting here faster and I’m not ready at all.  I haven’t even started printing all the articles I need to read for the test that is timed. 

Time is just flying by so fast.  I have so much to get done that the mountain just seems to be growing.  I get a handful of things done and then 10 more things are added on top of it.  I feel like I have absolutely no time at school any more.  One 45 minute conference period just isn’t enough to prep for three different classes.  Having to work in the library and monitor ISS each day is really not helping me get a lot of stuff done.  I guess I’ll just manage like I always do.  I shouldn’t really complain, it just seems like I have less time this year than I did last year.  Well, I’m going to go to bed.  I think I’ll be able to sleep tonight – I feel rather exhausted.


Anonymous said...

I'm not from the states, may I ask you what 'yearbook' is?

Hap Joy Free said...

A year book is a book that sutdent compile at the end of year with photos of their classes, activities, events during their school year. Its a book of memeories to cherish of their high school experience.

BTW, Anabel, thanks for updating us about Andrew....hope he is ok....

Anonymous said...

Ah thank you Hap Joy Free, it must be a great thing to have.

And thank you for the update on Andrew.