Monday, September 27, 2010

It’s a Monday

Not a bad day, just full.  We had shorter classes due to having a motivational assembly at school today.  That makes the day go by really fast.  I have to prepare for a sub on Wednesday which means I’ll be at the school until fairly late tomorrow.  I left school early today and posted my response for class as soon as I got home.  I heated up some chili and had frito pie for dinner.  Then I felt exhausted.  I attempted a nap, but didn’t sleep.  I got up and put in grades for my yearbook students but realized I couldn’t finish grading their powerpoints because some were done in keynote and I didn’t bring my macbook home.  So I guessed and put some temporary grades in and will just get to school early tomorrow morning to finish. 

Though I’m not sure I really needed a sleep aid tonight, I just took an ambien because I really want to get a decent night’s rest.  It took a while to fall asleep last night and I need to be more focused tomorrow.  There’s so much to get done and not enough time. 

And thus my life back to the boring stuff as always.  No men to gripe about (still haven’t heard from Matthew again – getting the silent treatment once more), nothing interesting going on.  Just life.  I’m not complaining – I know it could be worse.  But I’m finding it difficult to blog these days without anything much to say.

Oh – I do have an update on Prison Pete, but I think I’ll save that for tomorrow – it will give me something specific to write about.  I recently talked to his editor and will let you know the scoop in tomorrow’s post.


Leann said...

Hope you slept well and had a wonderfully restful night.

Can't wait for tomorrow :-)

VonnEinstein said...

what is frito pie?

Anonymous said...

Prison Pete? I think he vanished years ago!?

Patti said...

Prison Pete???!!! Oooh, sounds interesting!

Annabel said...

Frito pie is a dish made from chili, frito corn chips, with cheese and I like to add some salsa and sour cream.

VonnEinstein said...

that sounds ah-mazing!