Friday, September 17, 2010


It was a very long day today, but it went by fast.  Today was picture day so I spent the day in the gym handling that.  My classes had to come down there and just sit since I didn’t get a sub.  It would have been more work for me to plan for a sub, so if they’re not going to do anything anyway, they might as well be where I can deal with them.  The day went very smoothly which is always a good thing.  I didn’t have to teach today which was nice.  My yearbook kids helped out all period and they were hard workers.  I have an awesome staff. 

I left school shortly after 4:00 today and then helped my roommate shampoo the carpets in her room.  My friend Pam and I headed out to dinner shortly before 6:00.  I think I ate my weight in food.  We shared some chips and queso and then I had a southwest chicken wrap with curly fries, a pina colada, and we shared a brownie with ice cream for dessert.  Now I’m stuffed and almost a bit miserable, but the food was really good.  I’m wondering if 7:30 p.m. is too early to go to bed. 

Tomorrow I’m going to enjoy sleeping in.  If you recall, last Saturday, I got up early to clean out my garage before Matthew came to mow, went to the store, and got the dinner stuff prepared before I found out he was canceling dinner on me.  I’ve just decided that boys are stupid.  (No offense to my male readers, but as far as dating goes, I think they just don’t have a CLUE.)  I have tons of papers to grade so I may get myself to the library where I can hopefully concentrate.  I have a paper to write this weekend as well.  It seems the homework is never ending. 

So that’s my life in a nutshell at the moment.  Tomorrow is the white trash party so maybe I’ll have more interesting blog fodder when I get back from it. 

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Patti said...

hope you have fun at your party tonight! :)