Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time to get busy

Ok, enough about Matthew.  What else is going on in my life?  I’ve been keeping my house clean amazingly enough.  Laundry is done, dishes are clean or in dishwasher.  Now the yard is mowed.  It is a good feeling.  Grad school is going fast and furious.  I have a paper due tomorrow.  I went to the library to work on it and got most of it done when I realized I needed to add something to it and then I overanalyzed everything and decided I couldn’t finish until I got further instructions from my professor.  So I came home to post my questions.  I went to church today and it was very uplifting.  I was kind of in a funk with the whole you know who thing and church always seems to make me realize that there’s bigger things than one’s petty crushes.  I need to focus more on other things I think.  I’m headed back to church shortly to have some barbeque which should be good.  It means I don’t have to cook supper which is great because it is still difficult to cook for one. 

Tomorrow is back to school night where parents come visit so I’ll be there forever.  It lasts from 6 until 8 so I won’t get home until close to 9:00.  That means I have to finish my paper tonight and probably get my information quest done.  I also have papers to grade but I don’t know if that is going to happen.  I think I will spend time on that during the day tomorrow and after school when I have to be there. 

By the way, Josh is doing well in college.  Last year he had a 4.0 making all A’s the whole year.  This year he had a hard time filling up his schedule to get full time hours because he already had most of his basics done.  He’s being active in his newly formed fraternity having had rush week and he calls to let me know what’s going on. 

Well, I’m going to head to the church for a quick bite and then get back here to finish my paper and the million other things that need to be done. 

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Patti said...

We had pulled pork at our church last night. :)