Saturday, September 11, 2010

Already a busy morning

Matthew texted me about 10:30 last night and I had already been asleep for about an hour and a half.  I ended up waking up and I wasn’t sure why and then I checked my phone and saw that he had sent a message.  I took a benadryl shortly after getting posting last night and was fairly zonked.  But then I couldn’t go back to sleep right away.  I got up for a little bit around 11:00 and headed back to bed around 11:30.  I finally fell asleep but it was still an intermittent night.  Good thing is that I didn’t have to get up at 6:00.  I slept until about 7:00 and got up around 7:40.  That is relatively early for me on a Saturday.  I got ready and headed to Walmart to get the fixings for dinner.  But now I’ve just gotten a text from Matthew that says he’s on his way but has other commitments for the evening.  So that is disappointing.  Especially since I already cut up the chicken and vegetables.  Oh well. 

After I got back from the store, I cleaned out a bunch of boxes and stuff in the garage.  I cut up the stuff for dinner as I mentioned before, but I guess I’ll just cook for myself which seems like a huge waste because it is a lot of food.  So I guess I’ll be able to do homework tonight.  I can’t really hide my disappointment, but I guess I’ll manage. 


Diana said...

That guy is up to no saw him yesterday and made plans with him for dinner and today he has other commitments? That is just wrong. Drop that guy like the bad habit he is. You deserve better than that.

feel free to ignore me but PLEASE consider freeing yourself from his nonsense. I don't know why anyone would allow themselves to be continually put off by someone they way he has been to you.

Hap Joy Free said...

I have to say his actions do not suggest a man with sincere interest. Texting is for teenagers, especially late in the evening.

Im wondering if he thinks you are always waiting by the phone for his attention? Im thinking he is taking you for granted.

Good luck, hun!