Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Party and other stuff

The party was fun but not terribly exciting. It was good to see some friends that I hadn’t seen for a few years. The food was really good and I probably ate way too much of it. I had a few drinks but didn’t get drunk. I realized it had probably been about five years since I’ve been to a party like that. I’ve been to a few get-togethers with fellow teachers, but that’s it. I need more of a social life. Of course I don’t have a lot of time for one, but it would be nice. I made the time during my brief dating experience.

I sang at church today in the women’s ensemble. Then I picked up some lunch and started on some homework. I went to the library around 2:30 and struggled through writing my article that is due tomorrow. I got it finished around 5:00 and then went to Sonic because I really wanted a burger and tots. I am going through my phase of eating everything in sight right now. I came home and have yet to grade a single paper. I really have to get through the letter rough drafts tonight. It’s already 9:00 so I’m not very hopeful.

I got a couple emails from the guy in Odessa today. In the last one I sent him, I gave him my number. Guess I’ll see if he calls at some point.

I need to edit my paper, but I’m waiting for a response from the teaching assistant. I’ll take it to school and work on it during ISS tomorrow. Nothing like procrastinating, is there?

Well, for your enjoyment, he’s a picture of me at the party last night. And yes, that is a pillow under my shirt.

white trash


Diana said...

LOL, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Colourful tatoos - I hope there's at least one American flag! It's very people-at-wal-mart-like. Getting out more, having more of a social life sounds good.
WV: unite (sic!)

Diana said...

Funny....I was going to make a "Walmart" comment but thought better of it....HA!

Cin said...

Thats a cute pic!