Friday, September 10, 2010

Just Plain Tired

That’s all there is.  Yesterday I was feeling some allergies coming on so I took a zyrtec around 8:00 last night and was in bed by 8:45.  I still slept a bit intermittently, but was fairly zonked.  This morning I wasn’t having the watery eyes and sneezing, but felt a bit out of place and like my tonsils were starting to swell.  I took two tylenol and a claritin to get me through the day.  Today was full force with lots of teaching as my students are learning how to use the online course program that I use in my classes.  I have to constantly go around and monitor so I hardly sat all day.  Then we had a pep rally at the end of school and after school I had to work the class supper as I’m one of the senior class sponsors.  I was supposed to start my shift at 5:15 but I got there 30 minutes early and ended up staying an hour beyond the shift because nobody came to relieve anyone.  And now I’m simply exhausted.

I am very excited about my yearbook kids though.  They are doing a fantastic job in taking pictures.  We are going to have a really good book this year.  Now if I could just get last year’s book out the door.  There’s just not enough time these days.  I briefly saw Matthew this evening as he came by the supper to pick up a plate to go.  We both had to play it kind of cool but did briefly visit as I was working.  But I haven’t gotten a text back from him after I asked what time he wanted to come by tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll hear from him sometime tonight.  I needed to go to the store to get the stuff for dinner tomorrow, but I just wanted to get home.  I think I’m going to go to bed early and just get up early tomorrow and start cleaning out my garage (mostly not to completely embarrass myself when Matthew comes over) but also because it desperately needs it.  I’ll also go the grocery store and do all the prep work for dinner such as cutting up the chicken and vegetables.  I’ve decided to make my cashew chicken recipe which is always good.

Well, I think I’m going to just take it easy for a bit and call it a night. 

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