Monday, September 20, 2010

Paper done, got a call

Today we had a meeting before school about the United Way. I will probably donate again this year, though I’m sure I won’t win a big t.v. again. School was fine. I had a lot of students that didn’t complete their rough drafts of their letters in my English classes so I assigned them tutorials for the morning. Those that don’t show will be turned in as an absence. I’m such a mean teacher. But I did get several of the rough drafts turned in for a late grade so that helped. I didn’t stay very late after school. I left around 4:20 and got home close to five and worked on editing my paper. I had it basically finished when I decided that as a reward I would go pick up Taco Villa for dinner even though that meant a trip to Amarillo. It was so worth it. I overindulged thanks to my current appetite increase, but I enjoyed every bite. I was continuing to work on my paper when the guy from Odessa called. Turns out he does have a nice voice which he mentioned in an email. The only kind of weird thing is that he has what I would call a nervous laugh. He would end comments with it so it was a bit odd to me. But we had a nice conversation about travel, his career and writing, my job and such. We talked for about an hour. After I hung up with him, I made a few last minute corrections to my paper and just submitted it.

Last night I wasn’t sure about being able to add a reference to my paper so I posted a question about it on the online board. At first the teaching assistant said that it was strongly discouraged and wanted to know why I felt the need to use one. I replied that one of the points I was making required me to look up some additional information and I felt the need to credit the source. The actual professor then responded and commended me for my observation and gave me permission to use the source. So I felt better about the paper I wrote after that. It’s probably still not perfect, but I think it will still score an “A.”

I brought home papers that once again will go ungraded. I did get some graded last night and all were done by the time I had my English classes. I started a book yesterday that I think I’ll read a bit tonight. It’s one of the discarded books from the library that was written in 1968 but it’s a cute mystery involving nuns.

That’s all the excitement going on here. Tomorrow will be just as exciting, I’m sure. Hope you’re not reading this blog while driving!


Patti said...

Somehow it struck me funny that the guy from Odessa told you he had a nice voice. I don't know why. I LIKE a nice voice ... just seemed funny that he would tell you about it.

I'm probably just overtired.... :D

Talking for an hour with someone seems like a good sign to me. I don't talk on the phone with ANYONE for an hour unless it's a REALLY GOOD conversation. I kind of suck at small talk.

Leann said...

I agree that him stating he has a nice voice is interesting. Something he's heard repeatedly I'm guessing. Talking for an hour is pretty nice. I barely get thru 15 minutes. I'm not a small talker. And that's not a good thing:-)

Good luck with your tomorrow :-)