Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just another day

Nothing exciting to report.  I taught classes, graded papers, planned for the upcoming picture day.  I texted Matthew before leaving school telling him that I was cooking cashew chicken tonight and he was welcome to join me if he was so inclined.  He declined stating that he had just gotten home from meetings in Amarillo and still had work to do.  I sent another text that asked whether I should assume that he’s not interested in going to they symphony this weekend due to his confusion or whatever.  I have yet to hear back.  I don’t know why I keep trying, but I think this will be it for me. 

Got an email from the guy in Odessa.  Nothing major there.  I did make my cashew chicken for dinner which was quite delicious as always.  Of course I have tons of leftovers.  It is not a meal to make for just one person, but since I already had the chicken and vegetables cut, I needed to make it.  So I guess I’ll be eating it for the next few days. 

I got all my homework done for class so I’m caught up for the next few days.  Tomorrow I have choir rehearsal and Friday I’m going out with my friend Pam to dinner.  Not sure what the weekend will entail other than homework.  I did start reading a book last night so I’ll continue with that.  Not sure what else to do this evening.  I don’t want to grade papers as usual.  Life is getting back to simply being dull without much to report. 


Diana said...

Cashew chicken sounds delightful! I love that kind of meal anyway. You don't need Mathew and I'm surprised he';s so stupid to be blowing his chance with you. Carry on soldier!

Leann said...

Life is never dull my dear :-)

The cashew chicken sounds fabulous. One of my faves.

Hope you have an awesome Thursday!