Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nothing special

Can’t say anything special is going on here.  I made my English classes check out books today.  A lot of them told me that they hadn’t checked out books since the 6th grade.  These are seniors, mind you.  I just can’t fathom people that hate to read.  Picture day is tomorrow and all my classes have to meet in the gym and bring something to do.  I figured my English classes should have to read a book.  I may have lost favor in being their favorite teacher, but oh well.  

I waited after school for students to show up to make up missed tutorials, but nobody ever did.  I left by 4:30 and heated up my leftover cashew chicken for dinner.  I intended to take some for lunch but I forgot it at home.  So I skipped lunch today.  I have choir rehearsal tonight so I’ll head there in about 45 minutes. 

I think I’m ready for picture day tomorrow but I have to get there early.  Though I slept pretty well last night without taking anything, I think I’ll take an ambien just in case.  Tomorrow evening I’m going out to dinner and then on Saturday I’ve been invited to a white trash party that I think I’ll go to since I’m obviously not going to the symphony with Matthew.  He never responded to my last text.  Go figure. 

We’re getting some rain here which would please Andrew.  Amarillo was flooded earlier today, but only getting a little bit here.  Well, I’m going to get ready for choir and then probably call it an early night tonight.  Tomorrow will be a long day. 

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Patti said...

I'm all a-tremble at the thought of checking out books, lol. I LOVE reading! Matthew ... pfft ... who needs him?? (I know, it's never that easy)